Cancellation Refund and Return policy

  • You have the right to cancel a money transfer within 14 days from the Transaction date by visiting the nearest Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC branch. However, this cancellation right is not valid if the amount is already paid out to the Receiver or beneficiary account. If not paid out, the Refund of the amount to the customer will be settled at the prevailing market buying rate or transaction rate, whichever is lower, excluding the sending charges further receiving the confirmation of return of fund to Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC. If any deductions from the beneficiary bank,
  • cancellation fees, and any other expense incurred will also be a result of deduction to the customer
  • For cancellation process the sender/beneficiary has to visit the branches with the original transaction receipt
  • If any transaction is rejected and returned to Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC account, we will inform the customer. If unable to reach the customer, it   will be treated as an unclaimed fund, and the refund of the unclaimed funds will be followed as per the guidelines of the regulatory authorit
  • Refunds will be made the same way as the mode of transfer we received from the customer.
  • Any amendments or re-issuance of the remittance transaction requested by the customer for any reason will be subject to our regular charges and settlement of any rate differences, if applicab
  • When the payment has already been credited to the Recipient’s bank account, and Sender requires a recall of the funds, they may do s In those circumstances, we would make reasonable efforts to recover the funds. However, Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC cannot guarantee cancellation will be successful.