Delivery Policy

  • Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC shall inform the Customer about service charges, conversion rates, and the estimated transfer time before performing the remittance transaction. However, the estimated delivery time may differ for reasons beyond our contr
  • Correspondent or intermediary charges apply to certain countries, and the costs will be deducted at the receiving end.
  • The Customer would be provided with a draft receipt to verify the details provided to us for executing the transaction. Upon signing the receipt, the Customer confirms and acknowledges the transaction details’ correctness, authenticity, and legalit
  • Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC reserves the right to use the services of its intermediary banks and financial institutions to execute the transfer in any country of its ch
  • Transaction executed using the payment mode cheque or direct transfer to our account will be processed subject to cheque realization and the amount credited in our bank account.
  • Suppose the provided cheque is rejected for any reason. In that case, the Customer agrees to settle the total amount in cash along with any variations in the currency rate and other corresponding charg If the issue is not resolved amicably, Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC shall have the right to cancel the transaction without notice & take all necessary legal actions to protect its rights and recover all related claims.
  • In no event shall the Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC be liable for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any other damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of profits, etc. for any delay in transaction due to which a commitment has not completed
  • Transactions made by you exceed a threshold established by us from time to time. The Customer or beneficiary will require to provide necessary documents and clarification if raised any query regarding the relevant transaction, which may include but is not limited to the source of the fund, the purpose of the transaction, etc.