Privacy Policy

  • Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC isauthorized to collect customer information for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes and by lawful to offer various 
  • CustomerData will not be disclosed, made available, or used for purposes other than those established for a legitimate purpose
  • Asrequired by applicable law, Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC will take consent from the customer and inform them how the data may be used and by whom and ensure to give the flexibility to the customer to opt- in or opt-out of all marketing and advertising communication.
  • CustomerData like transaction vouchers and other relevant documents will be retained for a minimum of 5  They shall not be kept longer than necessary for the collected and processed purpose unless there is a legal obligation.
  • Ifcustomers find their data has been misused or compromised, they would require to inform us immediately at   [email protected]
  • Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC willnot disclose the customer’s confidential information to any third party unless it is required by any applicable law or regulation within and outside the region.
  • Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC shallassume the responsibility of protecting customers’ data and maintain the confidentiality of the data held with it or with a third party and may disclose the data only to the relevant law enforcing authorities inside and outside the count