• Information provided by the Customer must be clearly communicated, and the respective documents provided should be authentic.
• Customers must carefully read all documents that the branches provide to them for obtaining any
service or product, with the necessity to identify any fees, commissions, or any other obligations laid down on the customer. The customer shall have to keep a copy of these documents.
• Suppose the customer does not understand any of the conditions or the procedures relevant to the
product or service the customer desires to obtain, they shall have to submit their queries to the concerned branch staff so that the customer can make decisions based on a clear and complete vision.
• Customer must update their ID details, transaction information, or other documents with the branch
when requested by the branch or in the event of a change of these information.
• Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC will communicate with the customers through its official channels only. The customer should never share passwords, login credentials, OTP, or any information that can be used to authenticate identity with not to any third party as it might lead to fraud.